Semester 2, 2014

Intro Macro

50 pages

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The perfect summary notes to get you a good mark in ECON10003!

Detailed summaries of entire lectures, including diagrams, tables and figures and summarised in a different perspective.

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Lecture 1 National Income Accounting
Lecture 2 National Income Accounting (continued)
Lecture 3 Inflation Measures
Lecture 4 The consequences of inflation
Lecture 5 Savings, Wealth, Investment and the Real Interest Rate
Lecture 6 The labour market
Lecture 7 The Labour Market and Unemployment
Lecture 8 Fluctuations in Output and Unemployment
Lecture 9 The Keynesian Model
Lecture 10 The Keynesian Model 2
Lecture 11 The Keynesian model and fiscal policy
Lecture 12 Money and Monetary Policy 1
Lecture 13 Money and Monetary Policy 2
Lecture 14 The Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Framework
Lecture 15 The Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Framework and Fluctuations in the Economy
Lecture 16 Characteristics of Economic Growth
Lecture 17 Economic Growth A Production Function Approach
Lecture 18 Economic Growth The Solow-Swan Model
Lecture 19 The Solow-Swan Model Continue
Lecture 20 The Balance of Payments
Lecture 21 The Foreign Exchange Rate
Lecture 22 The Foreign Exchange Rate
Lecture 23 Exchange Rate Adjustment