Semester 2, 2013

HBS1HBB (Enquiry 2 & 3) Exam Notes 2013

50 pages

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The content of these notes have been composed in a "question and answer" format designed to improve recall of knowledge when answering questions during exam conditions. All content has been closely matched to the learning objectives and have been divided into lecture series. The content in these notes include:
ENQUIRY 2: Skeletal system - Bony landmarks - Structure of bones - Bone development - Joints - Functional shapes of synovial joints - Joint congruency - Skeletal muscle and movements - Structure of skeletal muscle - Origin and insertions - Regional anatomy - Atlas and axis - Soft tissues of the back - Applied anatomy
ENQUIRY 3: Thoracic cavity - Thoracic organs and vessels - Abdomino-pelvic cavity and membranes - Abdomino-pelvic organs and vessels - Skin - Bloody supply of skin - Sensory information from skin - Appendages of skin - Lymphatic system




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