Semester 1, 2016

Complete and Comprehensive notes for Organisational Behavior (MGMT1135)

83 pages

20,000 words




These MGMT1135 notes have been hand compiled over the entirety of the semester and put together to cover almost everything you would need to know in the course and for the exam (shortens time needed to do textbook readings by a ton as well).

Includes diagrams and flowcharts as well as concise definitions, explanations and notes of all important topics.

Is to be used to complement the textbook, and can be used for focused revision during semester for the assessments and final exam.

I can personally say these notes work, because i created and used them a great deal over the semester and i have full faith that they can save you a lot of time while getting across all the necessary information you need to know.

*There is a FREE sample chapter included, the rest of the 14 chapters + Appendix are covered in equal depth if note more* :)