Semester 1, 2016

MIIM20001 Detailed Lecture Notes Part 1

78 pages

19,155 words




Due to size restrictions on what we can upload, I've unfortunately had to split the notes I've made into two parts. This is Part 1, with notes for Lectures 1-15.

These MIIM20001 notes were first taken during lectures and then later on I went back and fleshed them out using supporting information from the textbooks as well as diagrams, making these a great study tool for anyone taking the subject.

Part 1 (L1-15) includes
- The Hosts
- Immunity
- Bacterial Cells and Metabolism
- Parasites and Funghi

Part 2 (L16-35) includes
- Microbial Genetics
- Bacterial Pathogenesis
- Virology
- Genetic manipulation of microbes
- Vaccines




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