Semester 1, 2016

GENL1021 World Religions Notes

19 pages

11,549 words




These notes have been compiled from the prescribed textbook, seminar discussion and my own knowledge from studying HSC Studies of Religion II.

The key to this subject is understanding the similarities between such seemingly distinct world religions. To best convey these similarities I have compiled a series of comparison tables which cover all themes explored in the course.

The comparison tables are great to heighten your understanding and view concepts in a way you may not have considered for exam preparation. They may even generate some ideas for your major essay (wink wink).

The introductory section feature summaries of the key facts of each religion - this is a basic overview of the fundamental aspects you will come back to throughout the themes.

Since the final exam is an open book exam I have chosen not to upload my complete notes which covered each religion individually in much greater depth, totalling 135 pages altogether - not to worry these were heavily based on the textbook which is a must have for the course!

If your contemplating taking this subject, I would highly recommend it! Not only is it taught exceptionally well, but is probably the most interesting subject I've taken during my time at uni so far - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!