Semester 2, 2015

FOOD20006: Exam Summaries (H1)

39 pages

9,536 words




Extensive Summary Notes that will provide you with the information needed to get a H1 for this subject.

Notes are from readings, lectures, practicals and online sources. There are tables, diagrams and images throughout the summaries to help further explain areas.

Topic 1: Scope of Food Microbiology
Topic 2: Microorganisms and Food Materials
Topic 3: Factors affecting the Growth and Survival of Microorganisms in Foods
Topic 4: Beneficial uses of Microorganisms in Food (Part 1)
Topic 5: Beneficial uses of Microorganisms in Food (Part 2)
Topic 5b: Yeasts and Moulds
Topic 6b: Growth and Death
Topic 7: Microbial Food Spoilage
Topic 8: Foodborne Diseases I
Topic 9: Foodborne Diseases II
Topic 10: Controlling Microorganisms in Foods
Topic 11: Food Safety and Regulations