Semester 1, 2016

OB CASES - Sem 1, 2016 Applied to all examinable MACRO topics (H1)

37 pages

14,818 words




All four cases (SanRizz, Solaris & Supernova, Enron, Apple) applied in detail following the tutorial format for each macro topic (Change, Culture, Power & Politics, Strategy & Structure). Communication and Automakers are not examinable.

You can have a read through these cases to get an idea of how to apply the theories. However it would be more useful to know the theories itself and possibly memorize that instead of relying on these case notes.

I suggest having a look at my notes of the whole semester (micro cases included) to study these theories in depth if you're looking for the one set of notes to study. You can find my other notes on the side bar. Good luck!