Semester 2, 2015

(58323) ‘Paradise Now’
 - Representing a ‘traumatic reality’ or ‘cinematic apology for murderers’?

16 pages

4,885 words



Notes taken for Week 12 of the course in 2015, where a viewing of 'Paradise Now' was included in the subject. Attached the cheapest price as I understand the course structure has since been changed (though I think this film remains relevant to course requirements?)

These notes also be useful for anyone looking for themes/texts/discussions relevant to the themes presented in the film, or in general analysing Palestinian/Disaporic Film Making. It was an especially controversial film providing an alternate portrayal of suicide bombers during an incredibly sensitive period for the West.

Themes for discussion:
- Diasporic film making
- The idea of film makers representing traumatic experiences/collective trauma
- The ethical implications of humanising those who engage in terrible acts

Notes include:
- Analysis and breakdown of themes in the film,
- Analysis and discussion of director Hany Abu-Assad's biography, influences, and film practice,
- Notes combining both the Lecture and Tutorial content, and thus including both the lecturer's notes and discussion from class between students.