Semester 1, 2016

22107 High Distinction Accounting for Business A Notes

84 pages

30,600 words




Thorough 22107 notes.
Covers all journal article materials and exam content.
Information in the journals are quite important for the exams extended response where many people do poorly. I however have included information which got me near full marks in those sections in these notes.
Also includes worked examples for all question types so that if you missed anything in the lecture you can just flick to the pages to see how to answer the question.
I also included my responses to some sample questions for the essay which usually focuses on depreciation and creative accounting.

I found that the lecture slides were quite long - with one lecture going up to 60 slides. So in my notes i summarised all the information covered in the course in lectures and in the textbooks.

I received a mark of 99 and hope you guys can do the same.