Subject (LAW272) completed in October 2015.

Perfect for getting overview and key points of subject.

Thorough, neat reading notes with quick-reference contents, clear titles, page references, case references and formatting.

Excellent prescribed readings summary. Great lecture notes add and expand on readings. All lectures and topics present except liquidated damages.

Prescribed readings:
Luntz, H., Hambly, D., Burns, K., Dietrich, J. and Foster, N., Paterson, J., Robertson, A. and Duke, A., Contract Cases and Materials (Thomson Reuters Lawbook Co, 12th ed, 2011), ISBN: 9780455229461
Paterson, J., Robertson, A. and Duke, A., Principles of Contract Law (Thomson Reuters Lawbook Co., 4th ed, 2011), ISBN: 9780455229454

Topics covered:
Performance and termination for breach - yes
Termination for repudiation - yes
Termination for delay - yes
Consequences of Affirmation or Termination; Restrictions on the Right to Terminate - yes
Measure of damages - yes
Limitation on the award of damages - yes
Liquidated damages and action for debt - no
Misleading and deceptive conduct - yes
Duress and undue influence - yes
Unconscionability - yes
Rescission and statutory remedies - yes


Trimester 2, 2015

20988 pages

25,764 words



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