Semester 1, 2013

HBS1HBA Unit 2 Exam Notes

43 pages

9,224 words




These exam notes are based only on the second unit of HBA in semester 1.
The content of these notes have been composed in a "question and answer" format to improve recall of knowledge when answering questions during exam conditions. All content has been closely matched to the learning objectives stated by lecturers.
The content within these notes include:
- Overview of the heart
- Structures of the heart
- Cardiac muscle
- Conducting system o the heart
- Interpreting an ECG scan
- Mechanical events- the cardiac cycle
- Cardiovascular system
- Mean arterial pressure/
- Respiratory system
- Respiratory volumes and capacities
- Ventilation
- Digestive system
- Digestive processes
- Regulation of the GI tract
- Anatomy of the digestive system
- Renal system




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