Semester 2, 2015

Fundamentals of Business Finance Notes UTS (B. Business). Materials in this this document are all assessable in exams and assignments.

36 pages

9,290 words




This attachment provides detailed notes of all the necessary readings and content in this subject which includes notes on textbook readings, tutorial readings and lecture notes.

These finance notes will be extremely useful in the revision of your, assessments, assignments, homework and final exams!!

The topics in this document are:
1. Introduction to Finance
2. Time Value of money (1)
3. Time Value of money (2)
4. Valuation of Debt
5. Valuation of Equity
6. Capital Budgeting (1)
7. Capital Budgeting 2
8. Risk and Return
9. Cost of Capital (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)
10. Capital Structure

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