Semester 2, 2015

Comprehensive and Concise Course Notes -BIOL1040

34 pages

6,248 words




This study guide is set out module by module for BIOL1040. It is a comprehensive summary of the ENTIRE course content (weeks 1 to 13). These notes are as concise as possible leaving in only key concepts and details.
Note that the final exam is no longer worth 85% as stated in the beginning of these notes though this is not to say BIOL1040 is not a challenging subject. It still has a very high content volume making it particularly difficult.

I achieved a 7 in BIOL1040 with a mark of >85% for the final exam and hence I believe these notes would be extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to achieve a high grade or simply assisting you to pass.

A major special feature of these notes are the end of module key concepts for the exam where key concepts are listed out in dot point for each module, guiding your study and preparation.

A minor amount of prac material is not included in this study guide.

Module 1 summary is provided as a free sample.