Semester 2, 2015

Microbiology 2209 Notes: Mycology

4 pages

2,000 words




Analysis of the mycology reading material provided by the MICR2209 course. Includes information found through online modules and further research. Vital for the Mycoses practical test and exam component.

Notes are written in the style of summary pages and are numbered based on their corresponding lectures.
Content has been compiled from multiple sources including:
- "Medical Microbiology", Patrick R. Murray.
- "Practical Guide to Diagnostic Parasitology", Lynne S. Garcia.
- "Wound care: a collaborative practice manual for health professionals", Carrie Sussman.
- Mycology online module content, required for laboratory tests.
In addition to the unit textbook, Prescott's Microbiology.
Some note content is supplemental to the course and not examined, but is very helpful in reinforcing understanding of the objectives.




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