Semester 1, 2015

Fantastic Concise Constitutional Law Case Notes

31 pages

10,034 words




Federal Constitutional Law is a difficult subject that requires a lot of case readings. These LAWS2011 notes simplify this: I spent hundreds of hours reading these cases so that you don't have to!

Contains notes on all the key cases for External Affairs Power, Corporations Power, Freedom of Interstate Trade and Commerce, Taxation and Grants Powers, Defence Power, Implied Freedom of Political Communication and Intergovernmental Immunities.

For the important cases, contains:
--A one sentence summary of how the case has expanded constitutional jurisprudence
--Brief summary of the facts
--Summary of the constitutional issue
--Summary of the key finding
--Summary of the court's reasoning, including dissenting judgments where applicable.

Now you can read your cases with your morning coffee just before class! Please note, these are not comprehensive case notes, they are helpful summaries that distill what you actually need to know for the exam.

Contains notes on the following key cases:
Burgess, Koowarta, Tasmanian Dams, Richardson, Industrial Relations Act Case, Polyukovich, State Superannuation Board, Strickland, Actors and Announcers, Dingan, Workchoices, Fencott, Incorporation Case, Cole v Whitfield, Castlemaine Tooheys, Bath v Alston, Barley Marketing Board, Betfair, Air Caledonie, ATM, Air Services, Luton, Roy Morgan, First Uniform Tax Case, Second Uniform Tax Case, Moran, Farey v Burvett, Communist Party Case, Marcus Clark, Thomas v Mowbray, Lange, Coleman v Power, Levy, Melbourne Corporation, QLD Electricity, Australian Education Union,

Contains glosses of the following illustrative cases:
Sharkey, Harpey, Fairfax, Northern Suburbs General Cemetery Trust, DOGS, PJ Magennis, ACTV, Nationwide News, Theophonus, Mulholland, APLA v Legal Services Commission, Engineers Case, Industrial Relations Act Case, State Supreme Court Judges Case,