Semester 1, 2014

PSYC10003 Mind Brain and Behaviour 1 2014 lecture notes (H1 83%)

35 pages

10,918 words




I write notes for every lecture of the semester. I write them so I can refer to them at any point in the semester and immediately have the material refreshed in full detail. My notes should complement lecture slides and readings. I only write text notes, because visual aids can be found in these other subject resources.

My PSYC10003 notes come as bullet points and with bold subheadings to differentiate topics. Each lecture has its own heading and date. I expect my notes to be at the quality of a paid notetaker.

For PSYC10003, some lecturers, namely Dr. Simon Cropper, discouraged note taking during his lectures. Some modules were more content heavy than others. Hence, neuroscience has extensive notes, but cognitive neuroscience does not. Basically, some lectures have heaps of content, and some don't as they mainly introduce concepts that will be explored in level 2 and 3 subjects.

These notes are from someone that got an H1 83% in PSYC10003.