Semester 1, 2015

MKTG203 Consumber Behaviour Notes - I got an HD you can too!

68 pages

14,779 words




These MKTG203 notes are a thorough yet concise, and easy to understand summary of every lecture including a Week 13 very condensed summary of the entire semester.
They come from the lectures slides, the lecturer and textbook. They have been edited and put into my own words so are easy to understand.

My best study advice/technique would be to go through all of these notes, and then summarise them yourself, and then summarise again, and again and again until you have learnt it! I get my notes down to 1 page max per chapter, and then try to condense even more, to about 1 paragraph. If you can remember (with acronyms perhaps) everything that is included in each chapter then you can jot that down at the start of the exam and then make sure that in each question you are answering with all the info from that chapter.

I hope this makes sense. This is what I did and I achieved a High Distinction, you can too! Good luck! :)