Comprehensive notes for Constitutional Law (LAW3000).

These notes cover ALL lecture and tutorial content, and include the legal tests to be applied in an exam, essential quotes from the decisions, and a clear outline of the current approach to the law. I achieved an overall HD (85%) in Constitutional Law using these notes.

All topics including:

- Introduction and Purpose of the Constitution
- Interpretation and Federal Heads of Power
- Federalism
- Legislative Power of the States
- External Affairs s51(xxix)
- Corporations Power
- Inconsistencies (s109) and Intergovernmental Immunities
- Territories Power s122
- Defence Power s51(vi)
- Trade & Commerce s51(i)
- The Executive/Nationhood Power s61
- Implied Freedom of Political Communication
- Trial by Jury s80
- State Courts and Incompatibility
- Separation of Powers
- Express Rights
- Implied Rights


Semester 1, 2021

55 pages

47,113 words



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