Comprehensive, Business Organisations exam and class participation notes, compiled from the lecture and tutorial material, the textbook readings and case briefs.

These notes cover ALL topics, key cases and legislation and were my sole source of information for the exam and assessments. Using these notes in Business Organisations, I achieved an overall 86% in the subject - these notes made the difference.

All topics including:

- Theories and history of the corporation
- Corporate personality and its consequences
- Incorporation and the types of corporations
- Corporate constitution
- Corporate contracting
- Meetings, reporting and decision making
- Corporate Finance / Fundraising
- Introducing Directors and Officers
- Corporate Criminal Liability
- Director’s Duties
- Conflicts of Interest
- Insolvent trading
- Defences
- Members rights and remedies
- Process for receivership and winding up


Semester 1, 2021

91 pages

36,751 words



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