Condensed, meticulous HD notes containing all topics for Australian Constitutional Law.

These notes will assist you greatly in understanding what can be at times a confusing subject and help you complete the weekly problem questions, the assessment tasks and the exam.

All topics including:

• Fundamentals and Characterisation of Australian Constitutional Law
• Inconsistency of Laws s109
• External Affairs Power s51(xxix)
• Trade & Commerce s51(i)
• Corporations Power
• Races Power
• Taxation
• Defence Power
• Legislative Power of the States and Fiscal Federalism
• Trial by Jury s80 and Freedom of Religion
• Melbourne Corporation Principle
• Territories Power s122
• The Executive Power s61
• Immunities
• Implied Freedom of Political Communication
• Separation of Powers
• CH III Courts


Autumn session, 2021

56 pages

45,359 words



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