These notes concisely and comprehensively cover the materials (lectures, tutorials and readings) for particular topics of the subject. Key excerpts/quotes of the readings are extracted so as to orient attention towards key or controversial ideas worth exploring in essays. In fact, the notes are so detailed that it is unnecessary to go through the whole reading when time is limited.

These notes also provide analysis and personal insights into each reading, and draw connections or comparisons between readings, which is crucial for exam or essay purposes.

The notes are well-organised, up to date with the current curriculum, structured, easy to navigate and conducive to prompting thoughts under stressful conditions.

Topics and readings are HYPERLINKED in the content page as well ad throughout the notes where relevant.

COLOUR-CODING highlights key words, sentences and ideas for ease of reference and navigation.

Topics covered:
1. Law and force
2. Rival accounts of law, morality and legality
3. Authority and the rule of law
5. Plural jurisprudences
6. Settler states and Indigenous law
7. International law, Sovereignty and the State


Semester 2, 2020

95 pages

30,953 words



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