These notes encompass a concise and straightforward version of all examinable materials drawn from lectures, tutorials and readings. The notes are up to date, concise, straightforward and comprehensive, ensuring that you get every single detail down to the core. They are tailor-made for quick application under stress, and provide a clear structure and step-by-step approach which helps you to navigate the complexities of the subject. The interrelationship between the topics are also written down in detail.

Helpful colour coding emphasises cases, sections, concepts and key words.

Topics are HYPERLINKED in the content pages as well as throughout the notes where relevant for easy navigation.

Topic list:
- Incorporation
- Interpretation
- Implication
- Consumer Protection
- Termination by Frustration
- Termination for Non-fulfilment of a contingent condition
- Termination for Breach
- Mistake
- Vitiating factors (duress; undue influence; unconscionable dealing; ACL statutory unconscionable conduct; 3rd party misconduct)
- Illegality


Semester 2, 2020

180 pages

56,912 words



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