Comprehensive and well-organised note based on lectures, tutorials and textbook. Materials covered from W6 - W13.

I have read the whole textbook and went all the lectures and tutorials, and combined them all into this note. A detailed case examples and screenshots included to help your understanding. There are also a lot of tips for final exam. Important parts are highlighted.

I can guarantee that you will never regret the purchase and can also easily get HD with this note. All my colleagues have used my notes and got at least Distinction.

The contents of the notes are as follows:

W6 Contracts III
W7 Contracts IV
W8 Torts I (Introduction to the Law of Torts and the Tort of Neglience)
W9 Negligence causing Economic Loss
W10 The Australian Consumer Law & Consumer Guarantees
W11 Australian Consumer Law II
W12 Competition Law
W13 Intellectual Property


Semester 2, 2021

106 pages

28,720 words



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