Well organized, easy to understand, authority rich notes.

Following the table of contents you will be able to find everything you need for both the assignment and exam.
These notes cover:
- Formation
- Content and Construction
- Interpretation
- Privity
- Vitiating Factors
- Performance, Discharge and Termination
- Remedies
and more.

I have used far more authorities than referenced in the lectures, taken from readings and my own research, your answers are sure to impress.

I received a HD for all contract law assessments.
It is too soon to know who was top of the class this year, but in the past I have received top for International Law, America and the World, and Modern Asia. My GPA is six point eight three.

Authorities are underlined and in italics.


Semester 1, 2021

38 pages

10,325 words



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