These are the notes I wrote myself and used in the exam to receive an 86 HD overall for MLL218 Criminal Procedure. This was a great exam for me, and these notes really helped me pull out the right law quickly and produce HD-level analysis. I hope these notes help you get the grades you desire.

These notes cover the following topics:
- Search of a Person and their Possessions
- Forensic Procedure
> Non-Voluntary Forensic Procedure
> DNA Samples
> Fingerprinting
- Police Questioning
> Silence and Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
> Questioning in Police Custody
> Admissions
- Identification Evidence
> Visual Identification Evidence
> Picture Identification Evidence
- Commencement of Criminal Proceedings
> Arrest
> Commencing Trial
- Committal Procedure for Indictable Offences
- Jury Selection


Trimester 2, 2020

33 pages

11,606 words



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