This document contains questions I have come up with to assist with revision for the subject, which I have found helpful for effective memorization via active recall.
- Contains material gathered from the weekly videos explaining content and the assigned readings
- Grouped by the weekly topics so you can follow along

Week 1 — Organization of Law and Government in Australia
Week 2 — Sources of Law: Legislation
Week 3 — Sources of Law: Case Law
Week 4 — Contract Formation
Week 5 — Terms of a Contract
Week 6 — Performance and Breach
Week 7 — Remedies for Breach
Week 8 — Vitiating Factors
Week 9 — The Australian Consumer Law
Week 10 — Tort Law
Week 11 — Agency Law and Property Law
**There was no new content covered during Week 12 as it was assigned as a revision week


Semester 2, 2020

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