High Distinction Contracts Notes - Very Detailed All readings and lecture notes included. High Distinction (85) Topics Covered: The Nature of Contract The Place of Contract within Private Law Contract Formation OFFER ACCEPTANCE CONSIDERATION INTENTION Certainty/Completeness PRIVITY Estoppel Inducement Detrimental Reliance Reasonableness Unconscionability THE EFFECT OF AN ESTOPPEL Equitable Estoppel TERMS Express Terms Implied Terms WRITTEN TERMS AND THE EFFECT OF SIGNATURE UNSIGNED DOCUMENTS The Parol Evidence Rule Collateral Contracts CONSTRUING THE TERMS IMPLIED TERMS TERMINATION FOR BREACH Formalities Construing the terms Statutory illegality Contracts prohibited at common law The consequences of illegality RESTITUTION AND STATUTE Misrepresentation Misleading or deceptive conduct Duress Undue influence Unconscionable dealing Mistake Impropriety by third parties Rescission Performance and breach Termination by agreement Failure of a contingent condition Termination for breach Termination for repudiation Termination for delay Consequences of affirmation or termination Restrictions Actions for debt Frustration


Semester 2, 2018

270 pages

105,000 words



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