HERE IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW! Avoid any unnecessary hours of study and stress, these notes are massive time savers and will make the course a piece of cake.

These notes can be both taken into the final exam and they can also be used for facilitating individual studies throughout the trimester/semester (they cover all the assessable topics). Although they are primarily for Griffith University students, the specialised notes can still be used by students from other universities in Queensland.

How the tables work: each table is divided by the main topic. The first column represents the main topic/elements within that area of law. The second column represents further elements, main rules, exceptions etc from that legal topic/element. The third column represents the cases/legislation/authorities. The fourth column represents the legal rule/definition.

List of topics:
- Tests of connection
- Implied Incidental Powers
- Trade & Commerce Power
- Corporations Power
- External Affairs Power
- Race Powers
- Defence Powers
- Taxation Power
- Excise Duties
- Grants Power
- Appropriations Power
- Federal Inconsistency
- Limits on State Powers
- Limits on Federal Powers
- Intergovernmental Immunities
- Executive Powers
- Judicial Power
- Interstate Trade
- Property Rights
- Jury Trial
- Freedom of Religion
- Discrimination of State Residence
- Implied Political Communication
- Voting
- Reading Down & Severance


Semester 1, 2020

18 pages

7,473 words



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