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I undertook International Human Resource Management in 2019 and found the subject to be very interesting but also quite content heavy, sometimes even a little dry! Having a complete & concise set of notes that is easy to navigate from the onset to help you understand, grasp and remember the knowledge is therefore ☆ KEY ☆

These notes are therefore very handy as a general reference through the semester, for assignments and of course for exam revision.

Lecture 1: Introduction, Globalisation & HRM
Lecture 2: Cultural Context of Global HRM
Lecture 3: Institutional Context of HRM
Lecture 4: Organisational Context of Global HRM
Lecture 5: Transfer of HR Practices Across National Boundaries
Lecture 6: HRM In Mergers & Acquisitions
Lecture 7: Global Staffing
Lecture 8: Global Human Resource for Development
Lecture 9: Global Performance Management & Compensation
Lecture 10: International Mobility and Global Careers
Lecture 11: International Employee Representation & CSR

NOTE: Non-examinable topics may change yearly, these notes reflect the examinable content for Semester 2, 2019.


Semester 2, 2019

40 pages

9,867 words



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