Fantastic and detailed LPAB Real Property notes from most recent semester! These notes cover lecture and readings content - everything you need to assist in learning the content and preparing for the exam!
Topics include:
1. Introduction to Property; Definitions and Concepts.
2. The Concept of Land; Trespass and Fixtures.
3. The Doctrine of Tenures and Estates; Native Title.
4. Real Property Interests in Law and Equity; Old System Priorities.
5. Introduction to Torrens System; The Electronic Conveyancing System; Indefeasibility; Exceptions to Indefeasibility; Fraud.
6. Caveats and Unregistered Interests; Conversion and Compensation in the Torrens System.
7. Co-ownership; Severance; Ending Co-ownership.
8. Leases.
9. Easements; Recording Profits.
10. Freehold Covenants.
11. Mortgages.


Semester 2, 2020

185 pages

54,666 words



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