High Distinction Torts notes, fully indexed and covering ALL topics, including key cases and legislation. Achieved a HD (87%) in Torts (LAWS1012) using these notes in-class and for the final exam.

Provides a well-structured layout for answering exam questions and for class discussion.

All topic including:

- Introduction and Historical Background
- Trespass to Goods
- Trespass to Land
- Trespass to Person
- Action on the Case for Wilful Injury
- Psychiatric Injury to Relatives of Victims of Intentional Wrongs
- Defences to Intentional Torts
- Actions on the Case including Wilkinson v Downton
- Negligence: Duty of Care
- Negligence: Breach of Duty
- Negligence: Causation and Remoteness of Damage and Scope of Liability
- Negligence: Defences
- Vicarious liability
- Non-delegable duties
- Concurrent, Joint and/or Several Liability for Personal Injury; Contribution Rights
- Compensation for Personal Injuries
- Compensation to third parties


Semester 1, 2020

55 pages

25,993 words



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