Comprehensive, easy to follow Contracts exam and class participation notes. These notes are indexed and organised by topic, covering ALL topics, key cases and legislation.

I achieved an overall High Distinction (85%) in Contracts using these notes - they unpack each key part of the case law, legislation and components of a valid contract, serving as the perfect study material for the assessments and final exam.

I found Contracts difficult and content-dense, but these notes made the difference!

All topics including:

• Agreement
• Consideration
• Certainty
• Intention to Create Legal Relations
• Formalities
• Estoppel
• Terms
• Construction
• Exclusion Clauses
• Privity of Contract
• Discharge by Performance
• Discharge by Agreement
• Termination for Failure of a Contingent Condition
• Termination by Breach
• Discharge for Delay
• Discharge by Repudiation
• Discharge by Frustration
• Process and Effects of Termination
• Vitiating Factors
• Remedies


Semester 1, 2020

95 pages

63,071 words



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