I absolutely loved undertaking Service & Relationship in 2020 and achieved a H1 with these VERY comprehensive notes! They are amazing for refreshing concepts for assignments, mid-semester tests, as a general reference throughout the semester and of course, for exam revision.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Service and the Sharing Economy
Lecture 2: Service Encounter
Lecture 3: Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Lecture 4: Customer Expectations, Delight & Perceived Value
Lecture 5: Service Research and Managing Supply and Demand
Lecture 6: Management of physical and virtual evidence
Lecture 7: Service pricing, process and communication strategies
Lecture 8: Relationship Marketing and CRM
Lecture 9: Service Delivery: The changing role of organisational frontlines
Lecture 10: Service Recovery Guarantees

NOTE: Lecture 11 is not included as it was only a revision lecture and contained no new examinable content.


Semester 1, 2020

72 pages

18,148 words



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