Detailed summary - each topic starts with a quick introduction to the topic. Notes are then set out in a step-by-step approach to guide you in answering exam questions. Cases and legislation are colour-coded for ease of reference, with the cases covered in lectures containing a brief summary of the facts.

These notes helped me achieve a score of 95 for the unit.

Topics covered:
- Agency
- Partnerships
- Sale of goods (domestic)
- Sale of goods (international)
- Negotiable instruments
- Guarantees
- Insurance (Insurance Contracts Act; note - Marine Insurance Act was not examinable and is not covered in these notes)
- Security interests over personal property
- Bankruptcy

Content is spaced out throughout the notes so that information is easier to find while completing the exam, compared to high levels of information in a single page (hence the high page count). Page count can be reduced if you print 2 pages per sheet (notes are still large enough to read).


Semester 1, 2020

190 pages

43,691 words



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