These notes are a comprehensive and thorough summary of the Principles of Microeconomics (7th edition) textbook along with the lecturer's comments and information throughout the unit. They enabled me to receive a High Distinction (86%) - and I hope they help you too.

The notes are categorised by topic (subheadings), in the order which they were presented, which makes them easily navigable. Relevant diagrams and examples are provided throughout the notes, which assists in the application of Topics include:
• Demand
• Supply
• Dynamics (changes to equilibrium)
• Welfare and efficiency
• Trade
• Tariffs
• Taxes
• Deadweight loss
• Elasticity
• Total revenue
• Government intervention (price floors, price ceilings, taxes and subsidies)
• Externalities
• Private, public and club goods
• Common resources
• Production and costs
• Perfect competition
• Monopoly
• Monopolistic competition
• Oligopoly
• Game theory
• Consumer behaviour


Semester 1, 2020

51 pages

18,756 words



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