Detailed notes on each topic with supporting cases for useful reference in exams and assessments.

I achieved an overall mark of 95 (HD) for the course using these notes.

Hyper-linked table of contents and colour-coding for simple navigation.

Topic 1: Organisations at Law
Topic 2: Partnerships and Fiduciaries
Topic 3: Corporate body and its regulation
Topic 4A: Power of directors; corporate contracting
Topic 4B: Power of Members
Topic 5 (Part 1): Duty of care
Topic 5 (Part 2) - Duty of good faith, best interests and proper purpose
Topic 5 (Part 3): Duty to avoid conflicts of interest
Topic 5: Consequences of Breach of Duty
Topic 6 : Member's rights and remedies
Topic 7: Corporate finance
Topic 8: Fundraising
Topic 9: Administration & winding-up


Semester 1, 2020

135 pages

49,669 words



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