The document contains detailed case summaries for Contracts B (LAW5005) taken in Trimester 1 2020. I received a HD for this subject using these case summaries as they helped me analogise with the facts of problem questions and in the exam.

Topics covered:
- Termination
- Termination for Repudiation
- Termination for Delay
- Consequences of Affirmation
- Restrictions on the Right to Terminate
- Damages: Liquidated Damages, Specific Performance and Injunctions, Restitution and Action for Debt
- Frustration
- Common law Vitiating Factors: Abuse of Power;
- Remedies for Vitiating Factors.
- Statutory Vitiating Factors: Misleading and Deceptive Conduct (ACL)
- Remedies for Vitiating Factors (statutory)

The accuracy of these notes is not guaranteed.


Semester 1, 2020

70 pages

36,788 words



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