Semester 1, 2015

Mindmap of lecture summary

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These are mindmaps of lecture content I organized my ARA exam (includes Lec3-10 except lec6, as for lec1 and 2 the slides are pretty clear, and lec 6 is not in exam-assignment content)

I find this way easier for me to overlook the points covered in the lectures, compared with looking through lecture slides where the key points are given in a messy way and it's hard to put in my head. (usually after reading 3 or 4 slide about 1 topic I forgot what went on before)
Especially useful for management accounting learning, which is pretty much examined on the concepts.

Plus for some topics, the key components of a typical answer are also listed in the map (summarized from past exams and tut questions)

File below includes printable version as well as editable version (using xmind which is free)
(If printing version is unclear on laptop please zoom in, its pretty clear on paper)

(word count column is made up btw, hard to count for maps)




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