Torts notes from Semester 1, 2019.

Detailed but concise, perfect for exams.

Tests are set out clearly and include plenty of case references.

Formatting is easy to read and understand.

Check my other listings for Torts CASE NOTES (more detailed information about each case)

Topics include:
- Private nuisance
- Negligence
- Duty of care
- Breach
- Causation
- Contributory negligence
- Voluntary assumption of risk
- Vicarious liability
- Multiple wrongdoers

These notes are NOT within the definition of ‘assessment materials’ according the Melbourne Law School Assessment & Results Policy. They do not contain template style sections nor are they lecture transcripts. Therefore it is not a breach of s 42 of the Academic Board Regulation to purchase these notes.


Semester 1, 2019

21 pages

8,750 words



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