These notes are excellent value for money: 13 weeks worth of detailed, colour-coded information divided into neat headings, sub-headings, trigger words and definitions

Topics Covered Include:
- Introduction to Culture; Definition, Types & Impacts on International Business
- Models and Dimensions of Culture; Hofstede, Schwartz, Kluckhohn & Stodtbeck, the 'GLOBE' Project, Trompenaars, Trandis, Hall, Ronen & Shenkar, and more
- Motivation; Types, Theories & Impacts on International Business
- Leadership; Types, Theories & Impacts on International Business
- Gender and International Business; Cross-Cultural Perspectives
- Teams and Groups; Types, Challenges and Strategies
- Decision-Making & Risk Management; Risks and Theories
- Expatriates & Culture Shock; Sources, Models and Strategies to Overcome
- All information is ordered according to the IBUS1102 Unit of Study Outline and the prescribed Cross-Cultural Management textbook


Semester 2, 2019

11 pages

4,643 words



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