Semester 2, 2019

HD Evidence Notes + Exam Script

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HD Evidence Notes done in an Exam Script and Checklist format!

These notes were compiled from my understanding of the lectures, textbook, tutorials and LSS tutes. It includes examples (both simple and complex) that help with nailing concepts, flow-charts for planning answers, colour-coded sections for easy referencing, and even small-case summaries for further elaboration. Creating them in this manner definitely helped me understand the unit a lot better, and I guarantee these notes will do the same for you!

Each topic in this file is broken down into sub-categories, which is then further divided into sub-sub categories, so should you ever find yourself stuck in an exam, all you would need to do is follow the list system that I have set up! This will help you easily determine what the answer should be and even if it doesn't, you'll still snag up some sweet points for writing out a thorough discussion. This is particularly helpful for the the final few topics ( Tendency and Coincidence, Hearsay, and Admissions). Note, if Exam Scripts aren't your thing - these notes are still extremely detailed and are easy to work around with.

The topics included in this bundle are:
1. Introduction
2. Relevance
3. Competence and Compellability
4. Privilege
5. Examination of Witnesses
6. Character and Credibility
7. Accused's Right to Silence
8. Tendency and Coincidence
9. Hearsay
10. Admissions
11. Illegally Obtained Evidence
12. Opinion Evidence




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