Topics cover the overall subject of Econometrics 1 — as shown in the pyramid chart on the cover page.

1. Probability Review
2. Statistics Review
3. Single Linear Regression
4. Multiple Linear Regression
5. Non-Linear Regression
6. Assessing Studies based on Multiple Regression
7. Time Series Regression

Every important part in each topic was included based on the lecture slides for Econometrics 1 Sem 2, 2019 with additional of R code summaries for each topic for a quick review of codes to remember. These are very useful during revision and assignments especially in understanding the big load of topics in the subject.

(The notes are arranged in 3 column order, to be read from left to right. With yellow boxes indicating big subtopics and light orange boxes the explanations to the subtopic.)


Semester 2, 2019

35 pages

10,000 words



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