Semester 2, 2019

HD Property B Exam Notes (90!))

89 pages

34,634 words




These notes got me a HD (90) for the unit!

Comprehensive, concise and detailed and is perfect to use for both the assignment and the final exam. Structured in a checklist layout so that all relevant issues can be easily and efficiently identified and discussed. Contains pre-written answers for all issues to be used as a template and can simply be copied in the final exam to save time. Includes facts and principles from cases, covers information from all lectures, tutorials and the textbook!

Topics Covered:

1. Equitable interests arising by operation of law
2. Co-ownership
3. Mortgages
4. Intro to enforcement of proprietary interests and the Torrens System
5. Principle of indefeasibility
6. Exceptions to indefeasibility
7. Unregistered interests under the Torrens System




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