Since this unit did not have any appointed textbook, the note was taken according to the online lecture which was the main and only source for the student to study.

The content in the notes contains the materials and answers for the final exam.

Weel 1: Course Introduction: The new competitive landscape – the role of knowledge, learning and innovation in organisations
Week 2: The process of change, creativity and innovation; Understanding organisational vs individual knowledge and learning
Week 3: The Individual: Managing tacit and explicit knowledge
Week 4: The Group: Social capital, social networks and communities of practice
Week 5: The Internal Environment: Structure, Systems and Resources; Building the Learning Organisation
Week 6: Organisational culture and values; Psychological safety
Week 7: The Leader: Promoting learning and innovation at work
Week 8: Knowledge creating processes in organisations: The SECI Model
Week 9: Leveraging and transferring organisational knowledge
Week 10: Knowledge work and managing the knowledge worker
Week 11: Leadership issues in managing knowledge work
Week 12: Unit revision and examination overview


Semester 2, 2019

39 pages

8,782 words



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