These notes are designed to be able to copy word-for-word during the exam.

Incorporated all information from the lectures, lecture slides, private consultations and tutorials.

All notes are customised according to all examinable songs. Comparisons have been made for ALL songs, comparing Wagogo (East African song) with Pygmy song (Central African song).

Key words are colour coded so you can know which key points you must write to gain you more points.

Using these notes, you don't even have to bother listening to the lecture recordings (except for the lectures tests 1 [building triad] and 2 [making harmony]).

Topic list:
- Wagogo (East Africa) - honey collecting song
- Pygmy song - Central Africa
- East Georgian table song
- West Georgian Guria song
- rock music
- pop music
- combination of pop and rock music


Semester 2, 2019

28 pages

6,772 words



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