These notes cover all topics taught in ATS1261 - Understanding Human Behaviour.

Colour-coded and divided into weeks, they have been compiled using lecturer's notes, content covered in tutorials, readings from the textbook and more.

Highly detailed, I was able to obtain a distinction using these notes.

Week 1/2: Introduction to understanding human behaviour
Week 3: Behaviour and attitudes
Week 4: Research process and assessment of attitudes and behaviour
Week 6: The placebo effect
week 7 Physical appearance-related issues in society
Week 8: Social behaviour
Week 9: Cultural world views and behaviour: terror management theory
Week 10: Social cognition and social cue
Week 11: Child cognitive development

Please note there is no week 12 content as there was no lecture/tutorial for week 12 in this class.


Semester 1, 2019

39 pages

13,098 words



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