These LLB2280 notes helped me to achieve an incredible result of 95 in the Constitutional Law final exam, placing me 1st out of approximately 200 students in this very challenging subject.

I was also one of only two students who achieved an overall subject result of 85 or higher.

The notes include detailed problem question templates on all relevant constitutional heads of power, while supplementing this with potential essay/short answer-related notes (for constitutional law issues) which cover every single case succinctly and in the appropriate level of depth.

Topics included:
1. Introduction to Constitutional Law
2. Direct and Incidental Characterisation
3. Corporations Power (s 51(xx))
4. External Affairs (s 51(xxix))
5. Defence Power (s 51(vi))
6. Nationhood Power (s 61 and s 51(xxxix)
7. Laws with respect to territories (s 122)
8. Acquisition of property on just terms, freedom of religion, interstate residence discrimination, right to trial by jury, implied freedom of political communication
9. Separation of Powers
10. s 96 grants
11. Constitutional validity of state laws
12. General notes on fundamental freedoms etc.


Semester 2, 2016

55 pages

22,000 words



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