Semester 2, 2019


55 pages

15,994 words



Comprehensive, well-organised and detailed note based on lectures, tutorials and textbook. Materials covered only for mid term examination (W1 - W7) including midterm exam revision.

I have read the whole textbook and went all the lectures and tutorials, and combined them all into this note. Diagrams, examples and screenshots included to help you understand each concept. It manages all the important parts in the textbook so you don't need to purchase or read the textbook separately.

It took me the whole semester to finish the note and I have put all my effort into it. I was thinking of keeping the note but decided to upload them, so good luck to everyone :))

I can pretty much assure you that you will never regret the purchase and can also get HD with this note ;)

The contents of the notes are as follows:
W1 An introduction to Accounting
W2 Accrual accounting concept
W3 Recording, Analysing, Managing and Reporting Merchandising Operations – 1
W4 Recording, Analysing, Managing and Reporting Merchandising Operations – 2
W5 Accounting subsystems
W6 Receivables
W7 Midterm Examination Revision

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