I ranked first in PIL A with a 93. Safe to say I nailed the subject! How do I know I ranked first? I emailed the lecturer and asked them.
I got this subject down to 12 pages and that is truly all you will need to ace PIL A.
Follow my exam-ready scaffold, do a couple practice papers, and you’ll be on your way to HDs.

-Personal Jurisdiction
-At common law (service or submission)
-Through long arm provisions
-Discretionary non-exercise of jurisdiction
-Foreign jurisdiction clauses
-Forum non-conveniens
-Anti-Suit injunctions
-Choice of law
-Law applicable to torts
-Law applicable to contracts
-Overriding forum statutes
-Concurrent liability
-Issue of substance or procedure
-Proof of foreign law
-Exclusionary doctrines
-Foreign governmental interests
-Public policy
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments
-Statutory recognition
-Enforcement at common law
-Enforcement in equity


Semester 1, 2019

12 pages

7,463 words



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