Semester 1, 2015

Phil2005 FULL and comprehensive notes

79 pages

27,157 words



University of Western Australia PHIL2005 - Philosophy of Science.

This is a complete summary of the semester, comprising a combination of lecture notes, readings, some extra research, and tutorial session notes.

It is separated into main headings (bold/underlined), which have bullet points underneath them. All main headings also have several subheadings, and cover several pages each. I found these incredibly useful for preparing for both major assignments and my exam, and giving me the edge to get higher grades.

The main topics covered are:
- Introduction to Scientific Realism
- No Miracles Argument
- NMA and Inference to the Best Explanation
- NMA, IBE, and Best of a Bad Lot
- NMA and Inference to an Unacceptable Explanation
- Causal Explanations
- Inference to the Best Causal Explanation
- Deductive Nomological Theories
- Pessimistic Induction
- Fallacy of Base Rate Neglect and NMA




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